Field Sales Support

Simon’s sales specialists are here to help both in the showroom and in the field. We have a team of sales specialists calling on architects, designers and contractors at offices and job sites. If you would like an associate to visit your office or job site please inquire here.


When Simon’s packs your orders, we can provide the service of labeling by door and/or room upon request. If requested, this service will save you time as well as reducing the probability of on-site assembly errors and confusion. We strive to make your onsite experience easier.

Project Consultation

With 15+ years’ average tenure at Simon’s alone, our sales people are industry veterans whose advice is invaluable for homeowners and professionals alike. Experts from hardware and plumbing work together to get you everything you need.

Submittal Packages

Our knowledgeable sales specialists dedicate their time and attention to your submittal package. Whether it is for plumbing, lighting, locks, or any other hardware your project may need, our talented hardware specialists will handle your submittals professionally from start to finish. To reach out to one of our sales specialists with your submittal package email